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"BATT" activePure(TM) General Air Purifiers

*"Best Available Today's Technology"

Free Standing Whole Office Active Air Purifier Series

-- All the benefits of outside fresh air on the inside

Air at its peak

From the amazing university test studies to the accolades and testimonials that keep pouring in, there is nothing on Planet Earth that can restore the purity and the safety of the indoor air you breathe like the Active Air Purification Technology.  Nothing.  It is the embodiment of "BATT" -- the Best Available Today's Technology.
     A force of nature

Natural Cleansing ForcesNatural Purifying Forces

By duplicating the same processes designed for nature to clean the air outside, Active Air Purification keeps indoor air fresh and clean-smelling day and night -- because it IS fresh and clean all day and all night. The air no longer smells stale or feels "heavy". There is no need for potentially harmful odorizers and coverups. It's like walking outside and taking a deep breath of fresh clean air after a thunderstorm.

It's invigorating aroma and energizing effect is no fluke, for it is specifically designed and created to purify the air and refresh all who breathe it.  

These processes work together synergistically to eliminate smoke and odors and dramatically reduce airborne contaminants.

The quiet but powerfully efficient Whole Office Free Standing Active Air Purifier Series, like the Inline Active Air Purification HVAC Probe, also utilizes RCITM, Radiant Catalytic IonizationTM.  But it does far more.

Whether it is 250 SF or up to 3000 SF, no other single device can do more to restore FreshAir(TM)the health and vitality of your breathing space than the Whole Office Free Standing Active Air Purifier Series with its Quadruple Threat Active Air Purification Tech- nology.

Comes in FOUR configurations

Standard -- Used and preferred by millions
Low "O" -- Still with the power of the Advanced Oxidation Plasma of RCI but with the already mild ozone component of the UVX cell even further reduced for those with chemical/odor hyper sensitivities.
NO "O" -- Needlepoint and antenna ion production plus RCI. No ozone. Primarilly for the Canadian market where their government does not allow any device which produces ozone, no matter how low, safe, or proven the technology.

Controlled -- Either of the three configurations above but controlled only by a remote control (kept and controlled by those designated to do so) so that the settings cannot be overridden by passers by.  Great for schools and other pedestrian trafficked installations.

Pumping Ions
Naturally created negative ions
Elevated amounts of negative ions are found, among other places,  around running water such as streams and water falls.  Along with being places of beauty, they help cleanse the air we breathe and seem to naturally "recharge" our inner "batteries".
Two separate ion generators put out large volumes of both positive and negative ions and introduce them into the entire environmental space with very little noise. These opposingly charged ions penetrate through walls, attic spaces, and rooms throughout the building, causing air-borne particulates to flocculate or clump together, rendering them too heavy to remain air-borne.  

Particulates not in the air cannot be inhaled into our airways -- already putting us way ahead of the game. Along with the lowered burden of unwanted material our bodies are not going to have to deal with, we are also being spared the pathogens and microbes that ride on the airborne junk.

Additionally, with the press of a button either on the control panel or on the remote control, a tunable purifying component (from 250 - 3000 SF) can be added to the process at will, further sanitizing the air space around you and your coworkers and customers.

Depending upon total spatial volume and air circulation patterns, at least one Whole Office Free Standing Active Air Purifier should be placed strategically within any occupied structure as part of an ongoing air purification and sanitization program. Used correctly and with sufficient air circulation, the Space CertifiedTM patented technology of each such device can be tuned for the space/s covered to kill and eliminate a host of airborne particulates, smoke, odors, and surface-laden pathogens and contaminants. As well, it can also prevent any new mold spores introduced from outside from being able to reproduce, thus stopping a problem before it becomes one.

FreshAir(TM) - The Backbone of the Whole House Air Purification System
The Active Air Purification Technology eliminates smoke, odors,
and tobacco smoke.
RCITM technology kills surface-laden germs throughout the indoor air space.*

Removes odors from your home, office, car, boat, RV, etc.

Improves the quality of air indoors.

Customizable to your environment using either the included remote or the controls on the front of the unit.

The system even intelligently
alerts you when normal maintenance needs to be performed or service is required.

POWER that is nothing to sneeze at!
Dualing sneezes. What a blast!
300 miles per hour Trajectory of 80+ feet 10's of 1000's of particles Millions of germs
Do we HAVE to be victims of

What evil lurks in the midst of a crowded waiting room?
Guess Whom I Saw and
What They Gave Me?

Wherever people circulate and congregate, the contaminates they bring with them come, too.  The higher the population concentrations, the greater the potential for serious pathogenic contaminations.

Regardless of the reasons, if we are not going to exchange the air, then reason dictates that we need to purify the air, and glorified vacuum cleaners and exotic filters are not the answer.

(Check here to acquaint yourself with the Indoor Air Quality challenges we face. Then make sure you know about the differences in the available technologies.)
If you weren't sick before, your immune system will take a major beating in a setting like this.  And if you ARE sick, Heaven help you and those around you. -- Los Angeles Times Photo of clinic waiting room at King/Drew Medical Center.

How about getting some really clean fresh air?
As fast and as powerful and as potentially sickening as sneezes and what they carry are, there exists now a major weapon in our battle against germs and unnecessary infections. Bring the OUTside INside! The patented Space Certified TechnologyTM behind the RCITM cell in the Whole Office Free Standing Active Air Purifier Series has proven to be more than a match for sneezes and their ilk.  

Laboratory tests have shown that
within just three feet (3') (at 300 mph!), some seventy- eight percent (78%) of the pathogens in a sneeze have been destroyed.  
That's fast.  

That's powerful.

That's a healthy difference.  

the Whole Office Free Standing Active Air Purifier Series.

Dual Sneezes (If you are going to run a public place and not avail yourself of the amazing Whole Office Free Standing Active Air Purifier to protect yourself and others from the ravages of sickness and disease passed around by coughs and sneezes, at least learn to sneeze and cough correctly.  And teach others to do the same.

You can learn to do so in the delightfully instructive and humorous video entitled, "Why Don't We Do it in Our Sleeves?" found here.

Whole Office Free Standing Active Air Purifier Series -- Spec Sheet
Description Applications
  • Self-contained, portable, multiple technologies, whole home/office air system
  • Plugs into standard 120 VAC outlet
  • Adjustable purifier control and fan speed
  • LCD status display of machine
  • For reduction or removal of typical indoor air pollutants such as --
    • visible smoke,
    • odors,
    • microbials on surfaces.
  • Idealy suited for
    • homes and apartments
    • offices and lobbies, etc,
The the Whole Office Free Standing Active Air Purifier Series substantially reduces odors, visible smoke from the air, and microbial populations on surfaces* commonly found in the average home or office environment.  It also utilizes needle point ionization, pulsating negative/positive ion field generator, corona discharge air freshener, and the patent pending RCITM (Radiant Catalytic IonizationTM) technology -- consisting of a special UV light and photocatalyst target --  thereby creating an Advanced Oxidation Plasma containing several friendly oxidizers.

*Scientific tests have demonstrated the use of the Active Air Purification technologies utilizing RCI (Radiant Catalytic Ionization) substantially reduce microbial populations on surfaces -- including, but not limited to Escherichia coli, Listeria noncytogenes, Streptococcus spp., Pseudonomas aeruginosa, Bacillus spp., Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, and S. chartarum.  At this point, product testing does not make a similar demonstration with respect to airborne microbials.  These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Whole Office Free Standing Active Air Purifier Series -- Specifications
Electrical 120 VAC, 60 hz 50 watts
Mechanical 60 CFM, washable electrostatic
lint screen
Computer style cord
Manual front panel or remote
control, + "away mode" feature with
adjustable digital timer
5-speed fan control, 12 step purifier control to 3,000 SF
Dimensions 12" H x 9" W x 12" D 30.5 CFM H X 23 wide X 30.5 D
Weight 16 pounds 7.3 kilograms
Coverage / Ozone Output Adjustable from 250 SF to 3000 SF Max .03 ppm on "Away" (Sanitize) mode

Air Science
*University studies of the RCI technology in this unit have shown mold and pathogen kill rates on surfaces as high as and even higher than 99.9% in just hours -- with some viruses showing nearly 100% elimination! Users have also found these units to virtually eliminate the indoor ill effects of Red Tide and other algae blooms.

There's more!

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Inline Active Air Purification HVAC Probes

Inline Active Air HVAC Probes -- The start of total building protection, the help your duct works need

Mini Inline Active Air Purification

Mini Inline Active Air HVAC probe -- Just like the big guys for the standalone HVAC systems

"BATT" activePure(TM) General Air Purifiers

Whole Office Free Standing Active Air Purifier Series

 Free Standing Whole Office Active Air Purifier Series -- All the benefits of outside fresh air inside

Super Portable Active Air Room Refresher in Pearl or Graphite

Super Portable
Active Air
Room Refresher
"Fresh. Out of the box."

Wall Mounted Active Air Purifier in Graphite or Pearl

Wall Mounted
Active Air Purifier
-- The ultimate plug-in


Book Shelf Fanless Active Air Purifier

Book Shelf Fanless Active Air Purifier -- The purifying spectrum of UVX from the sun

Mobile Air Purifier - Active Purification on the Road

Mobile Air Purifier -
Next business trip, take your fresh air to go


Targeted Particulates

5K HD Active Air Purification Ionizer / Sanitizer

Active Air Purification
Ionizer / Sanitizer
-- Up to 5000 SF of heavy duty active air purification

Active Air Light to Medium Duty Ionizer

Light to Medium Duty Active Air Electronic Particulate Ionizer

Active Air Purification High Volume Industrial Ionizer

High Volume Industrial Active Air Purification Ionizer --
When it's time to clear the air. NOW.

Active Air Commercial / Institutional / Industrial Selective Targeted Purification System

Selective Targeted Commercial / Institutional / Industrial
Active Air  Purification System -- Name your (airborne) poison.  We have a solution for that.

Specialized Air Purification / Odor - Bacteria Abatement

Active Air Cooler / Walk-in Refrigerator Purification System

Cooler / Walk-in Refrigerator Active Air Purification System -- Life extension for cold storage food stuffs

Active Air Dumpster Sanitization / Odor Reduction System

Active Air Sanitization / Odor Reduction System -- So the trash dumpster doesn't have to smell like, well, a trash dumpster

Active Air Purification Light to Medium Duty Ozone Generator

Light to Medium Duty Active Air Purification Ozone Generator -- Where odors more than meet their match

Active Air HD Industrial Oxidizing Plasma Generators

HD Industrial
Active Air Oxidizing Plasma Generators -- "Shock and Awe" for odors, pathogens, and mold

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Residential Solutions

Residential Solutions
Residential Solutions

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