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What has been provided in nature to handle outdoor pollution is the natural solution for indoor pollution.
It's time for some

While it is true that the indoor air quality problems we face are HUGE
-- far worse than what we would have imagined,
the SOLUTIONS are far better
than we could have hoped or dreamed.

All we have to do is bring the air purification processes on the OUTside into the INside!
Check out the videos!
Check out the videos!

The answer is outside.  Waiting to  comei inside.
What Can We Do?

We knew there had to be a way to fix what's wrong with our piece of this planet, for, as one very wise man used to say, "If there is no solution, there is no problem.”

What has been provided in nature to handle outdoor pollution is the natural solution for indoor pollution. And it just so happens that it is Best Available Today’s Technology (“BATT”).  
By making use of BATT, we can provide a safe environment around us wherever we are -- at home, at school, at work, out in a crowd, sitting in an auditorium or theater, or riding in a car or in public transportation.

This allows us to take responsibility for and control of our own health and safety, even if we are forced to be in places where the air or water quality may be suspect at best.

Providing a friendly environment for ourselves in an otherwise alien world is possible. It just takes some careful evaluation and understanding of a number of factors so that proper analyses and corrective actions can be made.  And then, bring the OUTdoors IN!

Wherever we find ourselves,
we need to understand that our ideal situation
is to occupy healthy environments which shelter and support
people and activities

and, at the same time,
make life unbearable for – or at least control –
those elements from which we seek relief.

Ironically, for all of our modern “development”, we often wind up spending large portions of our time in just the opposite kind of setting. Our shelters are not only havens to the things that attack our health, but also the buildings themselves may well wind up making us weak, sick, or, in some cases, even dead.

To address the problem, we need to first understand a few basic principles.

1. Any structure or building we inhabit — from a skyscraper to a small stand alone building, to a garret attic or redesigned loft, to a basement bedroom or cave in the rocks — represents an enclosed or potentially enclosed air space.

2. Every enclosed air space (or water system) becomes an ecosystem or biosphere.

3. Every building representing an enclosed air space (which makes it, by default, an ecosystem or biosphere) also The Canadian Biosphere illustrates the systems within systems challenges faced by IAQ issues.comprises a hierarchy of ecosystems, meaning that there are air spaces within air spaces, systems within systems. The larger of such systems would be the structure itself. But within that structure there may be large common areas, large gathering or living rooms, smaller rooms and living spaces, kitchen and eating areas, bathroom facilities, attics, basements and crawl spaces, air duct systems, closets, pantries, cabinets, drawers, dead air spaces, etc., each of which will take on its own atmosphere (society prefers to call it “ambiance”) or set of characteristics.

4. Every airspace/ecosystem will supply the basic needs for some form or forms of living things — among which are the requisites for respiration, nutrition, hydration, and perpetuation.

5. There may be similarities within each of the airspaces, ecosystems, or biospheres, but,Getting it wrong in IAQ will always have a domino effect. depending upon what occupies them and the quality of the air (and/or water) within them, there can be radical differences.

6. Not all airspaces/ecosystems are friendly to all life forms. Whatever organisms or microorganisms will survive or thrive will take up residence there and will establish claim to as much “turf” as circumstances will allow. Whatever bio-forms find conditions lacking or alien will move on if possible, or weaken, or sicken, or die.

We may share the same space, but we don't necessarilly get along with all the critters who live there.
Can't we all just get along?  NOT!
(Just because we live together does not mean we are compatible with each other!)
7. Most airspaces/ecosystems will support multiple life forms which are not necessarily friendly to or compatible with the other life forms supported in that same airspace/ecosystem. (Cockroaches and vermin may share office and living quarters with humans, but that does not mean that they are going to get along.)

8. Some life forms, having established themselves in a favorable ecosystem, will actually set about to make that environment unfriendly to other life forms – including those of their own species, seeking to make that air or water space exclusively their own.
9. Sometimes the life forms, usually by ignorance or carelessness, actually wind up making the ecosystem unfriendly or downright alien to themselves. This is rarely, if ever, seen among the lower life forms, but it has been elevated by mankind almost to an art or lifestyle called “progress”.

10. In either ¶ 8 or 9 above, one deteriorated or deteriorating airspace within a greater structure can detrimentally affect others and, indeed, the whole enclosed environment.

11. The intelligent / pro-active approach is to

a. survey both the overall as well as theJust how safe are we when we all share the same recirculated air? individual airspaces / ecosystems / water systems within a work or activity center,

b. identify all that is alien in each which would be detrimental to the life, health, and safety of the selected specie,

c. inventory the strengths and weaknesses of the spaces and the flow of air (or water) through them, and

d. begin actively eliminating those components which negatively affect the quality of the airspaces and improving those which are positive in their influence.

12. Vulnerabilities exist in either one of or a combination of these variables.

a. Being on the go ourselves or occupying spaces where we can directly contact alien substances which can compromise and potentially overpower our immune system’s ability to identify and ward off infections; and/or
Misery loves company, but sick company makes us miserable.

b. Coming into contact with those who have been infected, whether or not they themselves are showing signs of sickness; and/or

c. Having had direct or indirect contact ourselves, we then unwittingly carry those pathogens or contaminants with us wherever we go, further spreading the problems among those for whom we have the greatest concern. We become unwitting carriers of potentially harmful diseases.

Think of it this way.  Design is everywhere abundant in the universe around us.

The Systems Approach.  It works everywhere else.
The solar system.  The weather system.  The eco- system.  The circulatory system.  The respiratory system.  The nervous system.  The skeletal system.

So it only makes logical sense that if we are going to fix what's wrong with our environment, it will take a sytematic approach to do an effective job of making it better.

Like the gears in a pocket watch, each piece plays an important part in effecting a proper TOTAL SOLUTION.

There is hope!
We'll start our journey of discovery by taking care of the ones closest to us.  Ourselves.

Personal Solutions
Personal Solutions

You don't have to be at the mercy of whatever wherever. Click on the icon to explore some exciting options you can have with anytime or take with wherever you go. 

The journey continues as we explore the pro-active solutions for the environments in which we find ourselves, starting with where we live -- protecting those we love.

And then we must explore our options where we work and conduct our business -- not just for our sakes, but also for the sakes of those who come into our places of commerce.

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Check out the videos!
Check out the videos!

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Check out the videos!
Check out the videos!

Residential Solutions

Personal Solutions
Personal Solutions

You don't have to be at the mercy of whatever wherever. This is where you can explore some exciting options you can have with anytime or take with wherever you go.

Residential Solutions

Residential Solutions
Residential Solutions

The journey continues as we explore the pro-active solutions for the environments in which we find ourselves, starting with where we live, protecting those we love.

Commercial Solutions

Commercial Solutions
Commercial Solutions

And then we must explore our options where we work and conduct our business -- not just for our sakes, but also for the sakes of those who come into our places of commerce.