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– What We Don’t Know but Should Know
about the Air We Breathe –

Part 6 - What IAQ Issues Need to be Considered and Addressed?

What must be considered?
Before acquiring any type of air purifier or installing any kind of whole house or whole building system, it might be best to consider what the expected outcome should be and compare it with the capacities of the devices or systems to achieve those goals.

Effectiveness Comparison Chart
— Scores as follows —
"N" = "No" --- "L" = "Limited" --- "Y" = "Yes"

Passive Technology
RCITM ACTIVE Purification Technology
L Particulate Control/Reduction

 Y  Particulate Control/Reduction
L Dust Control/Reduction

Y Dust Control/Reduction
N Reducing/ Removal of Dust/Dander/Skin Mites Y Reducing/ Removal of Dust/Dander/Skin Mites
L Smoke Control/Reduction

Y Smoke Control/Reduction
N Odor Reduction/Elimination

Y Odor Reduction/Elimination
N Mold Sanitization

Y Mold Sanitization
N Inhibition/Prevention of Mold Colony Formation or Mold Regrowth by Neutering of Mold Spores Y Inhibition/Prevention of Mold Colony Formation or Mold Regrowth by Neutering of Mold Spores
N Bacteria Control/Reduction

Y Bacteria Control/Reduction
N Pathogenic Control/Reduction

Y Pathogenic Control/Reduction
N Control/Reduction/Neutralizing of V.O.C's
Y Control/Reduction/Neutralizing of V.O.C's
N-L F.O.G. (Fat, Oil, and Grease) Control/Reduction Y F.O.G. (Fat, Oil, and Grease) Control/Reduction
N Discouragement/Elimination of Vermin/Insects Y Discouragement/Elimination of Vermin/Insects
L Improvement of Overall Air Quality

Y Improvement of Overall Air Quality
N Certified Space TechnologyTM

Y Certified Space TechnologyTM

Add up the scorecards and decide
which is the superior approach to indoor air quality issues.
___ Total Y’s (Yes’s) ___ Total Y’s (Yes’s)
___ Total L’s (Limited’s) ___ Total L’s (Limited’s)
___ Total N’s (No’s) ___ Total N’s (No’s)

G. Are there medical considerations?

Medical considerations

1. Obligatory disclaimers.
Treatment can be more costly than prevention

a. None of the items Pro-active Environmental Technologies recommends and provides is currently rated as or to be considered as a medical device in the legal understanding and use of the term. Therefore, no medical claims are made for the use or the failure to use any of the offered equipment.

(Stay tuned, though, as we are anticipating some exciting news in this regard in the very near future.)

b. Neither Pro-active Environmental Technologies nor any of its suppliers diagnose or recommend treatment for any illness or disease. There are hosts of alphabet soup type regulatory bodies with which to deal in the medical arena, and we find our time and energies better used in other endeavors than responding to their onerous paperwork.

c. Information made available here directly or indirectly is tendered so that informed parties can make informed decisions.

2. Practical realities.

However, with the above’s being said, there are some aspects to consider which may have some "medical" or health implications in the broadest applications and understandings of the terms.

There are millions of people living in situations where indoor air quality has compromised their bodies' immune systems, has allowed them to become allergic, infected, and sick, and whose lives and lifestyles are far less than optimal as a result.

Burkitt's lymphoma - probably from mold.

A child with Burkitt's lymphoma, a type of tumor first discovered in Africa. The African form of Burkitt's lymphoma is often associated with early childhood infection by the Epstein-Barr virus. Custom Medical Stock Photo, Inc.

Epstein Barr Syndrome symptoms.
Epstein-Barr Symptoms –
Epstein-Barr Syndrome is often brought on by exposure to mold
and a resulting weakened immune system.

Straight common sense would dictate that any effective means by which pollutants, particulates, contaminants, pathogens, allergens, irritants, offensive odors, VOC's, dust and dust mites, mold and mold related problems, and other indoor air quality concerns are seriously reduced or eliminated will have a profoundly positive effect on anyone's health.

Imagine being so blessed as to be breathing truly purified air as a result of the presence and utilization of these wonderful and exclusive technologies where the body can concentrate on strengthening and healing instead of constant and preventable "housecleaning" chores!

Would living in such a pleasantly sanitary atmosphere heighten the risk of infection outside of such an improved environment? To the contrary, it seems only logical that allowing the immune system to balance out and rebuild itself free from the onslaught of polluted indoor air should potentially strengthen one's resistance to infections when out in public.
  • We can point to the results from sophisticated and structured tests showing what happens to pathogens and contaminants when exposed to our technologies.
  • We can conduct on site testing proving the efficacy of our technology in your living or working environment.
  • We can cite testimonials from those who claim that their lives and health have been greatly improved by utilizing our products and services. 
But only you can decide what is best for you, your family, and the air spaces over which you choose to take responsibility and take control, for that choice is yours and yours alone to make.

Our children have a right to hope!

If the pollutants our technology is designed to reduce or eliminate are making you or your loved ones sick, or even have the potential of doing so, it only makes sense that life with those pollutants reduced or removed will be healthier and happier.
She can't tell us why she is sick.

H.   Are there legal and other considerations?

Legal considerations

Applications of these technologies have practical, economical, and legal implications. Having these systems in place will help insure against mold infestations so prevalent in the Gulf Coast climate and elsewhere. By all but eliminating any particulates, the indoor breathing space will not create a burden on the environs, and housekeeping will be much more easily accomplished and maintained. The oxidizing process neutralizes, abates, and eliminates most or all odors, including VOC's. By oxidizing pollen, mold spores, viruses, bacteria, microbes, and the like the living space or workplace will be much friendlier.

Mom with Child defending against SARSAnd it will be safer. (This is the same American technology the government of China acquired to combat SARS. Even sneezes, which are expelled at 300 mph, are clinically proven to have 78% of their pathogens killed within three feet.) The SurfaceGuardTM Technology renders the surfaces sanitary, killing the countless hidden germs, pathogens, microbes, and mold spores better, faster, and more thoroughly than by any other safe method. The air is fresher, cleaner, purer, and much more enjoyable.

The effect is a far healthier indoor environment. A properly air purified workplace contributes to a more robust and attendant employee roster. It also guards against Sick Building Syndrome by reducing and eliminating the causes of same before they become pandemic. This translates into dollars because of lowered absenteeism and generally better output. The sanitized environment of a correctly air purified home lends itself to healthier, less stressed living. Sleep is enhanced because dust mites and their attendant problems become things of the past. Allergy and asthma sufferers testify to finding welcome relief as their respiratory loads are dramatically reduced.

Individual pieces within a Pro-active Environmental Technologies protected air purified environment - as well as the system in its entirety - comprise a combination of patented technologies which are considered the Best Available Today's Technology ("BATT"). That's peace of mind on a personal level that you are doing all that is possible for yourself and your loved ones in providing pure indoor air.

Using a BATT approach to your office or workplace IAQ needs, whether in an industrial, commercial, institutional, or hospitality setting dramatically lightens the concerns over liability and litigation actions having to do with IAQ issues. This means for the properly prepared client that, should an IAQ legal problem arise, for any building where these technologies are installed and utilized, there can be no finding of culpability or liability for ignorance or neglect (and hence, no settlement amount), in that the technologies employed represent the best attempt/s humanly possible to address IAQ problems. Period.

Passive technology is no match for Active Purification Technology.

I.  When is Timing an Issue?

Time considerations

As an environmental consideration, the sooner proper air purification equipment is installed, the lessTime is money, health, and life. of a build-up of indoor air contaminates will contribute to the overall health hazards of the occupants. If construction is old, mold colonies could already be forming in out of sight places while contributing to the declining air quality. Levels of dangerous toxic substances could already be reaching critical levels, and the sooner all negative contributors are neutralized, the better for all (except, perhaps, the lawyers).

Less than BATT.If the building is relatively new, VOC's, unless oxidized, will continue to accumulate as carpet, carpet underlayment, wall coverings, adhesives, paneling, laminates, furnishings, electronic equipment, treated fabrics, and other items are installed, moved in, or used. Further, the fact that construction may be new is no guarantee that mold spores have not taken residence or even already started forming colonies, especially where cinder block or wood might have been exposed to rain during the erection phase. The sooner that the Five-way Active Purification Technology provided by RCI™ is in place, the less likely it will be for mold to become an issue.

Fortunately, the facts favor our ability to "Take Responsibility, Take Control" of our own environments.  It is neither the job of government nor of charities to do for us what we can do for ourselves.  The exciting news is found in the technologies we now have available to make a positive difference for ourselves, our loved ones, and our posterity. Read on and be encouraged and amazed!

Forest fresh air is available wherever you are!

Information herein offered is provided so that reasonably intelligent individuals of competent mental capacity and majority age can better make informed choices regarding matters discussed.

Along with being a service provider with certifications in specific areas regarding indoor air quality, breathe-easier.com
is an independent authorized dealer for certain products and equipment manufactured and/or supplied by others.  Any legally held trademarks, trade names, logos, and applicable copyrighted materials are and remain solely the property of same's lawful owners and said ownership is neither relinquished, nor diminished, nor transferred by inclusion on this site.

All statements and/or claims concerning any particular equipment and the technologies behind such are based upon manufacturers' published materials regarding same, and said manufacturers are solely responsible for such materials and their content.  Any and all product guarantees or warranties of any sort are at all times solely the responsibility of the manufactures and according to the current published terms regarding same which consumers are urged to check out for themselves.

Anecdotal reference may from time to time be made regarding the applicability, placement, or use of one or more technologies or products in circumstances which may or may not reflect those found in any other situation. Consumers should be aware that consideration should be given to specific environmental issues which may be different from and/or in addition to those cited in such anecdotal references.
At no time is or will breathe-easier.com be in any manner responsible for factors withheld or in any way not disclosed by the consumer.  Responsibility to engage or use or not engage or use any particular service or technology is solely that of the consumer.

Further, from time to time testimonials may be quoted from individuals as consumers regarding their own personal experiences regarding (a) service(s) or product(s) offered by or obtained from breathe-0easier.com. Such individuals do so on their own behalf of their own free will in the exercise of their God-given and Constitutionally guaranteed right to free speech and are neither liable for nor compensated for their comments.  While
Pro-active Environmental Technologies may include such comments and may try to verify such comments where possible, breathe-easier.com is not liable for the verity or the use, disuse, or misuse of any such information so included.

No claims are made, expressed, or implied regarding the diagnosis and/or treatment of any disease or medical condition, and any parties who know they have or suspect that they have
any type of medical condition or disease are encouraged to seek competent medical attention and advice from more than one source or party.

What is offered on a best efforts basis is services and/or 
equipment whereby some or all the indoor environment of a building or other environmental space or specific components of same may be altered or treated, with the intention of making a healthier, safer place for those who must occupy such space/s.


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Check out the videos
Check out the videos

Overview Topics

Is There a Problem?

A. Is There a Problem?

An introduction to indoor air quality issues.

What Don't We Know

B. What Don't We Know?

The problem is worse than we


Need to Know

C. What Do We Need to Know?

Sorting out the info and charting a course to follow.


What Are We Breathing?

D. What are We Breathing?

Unwelcome guests we receive every time we breathe.



1. Particulates.

Airborne pieces of a lot of stuff we should not be breathing.


Fields of Potential Allergens

2. Allergens.

The body’s “hit list” of alien invaders.



3. Pathogens. 

The bacteria, viruses, and germs which reproduce in the human body and try to stage a takeover.


One of kazillions of Odor Sources in a home or building

4. Odors.

Things have odors for a reason,
but why?
Can the problem be corrected rather than merely masked or covered up?


VOC's on Demand

5. Chemicals/Smoke/VOC's.
Are we possibly drowning in a toxic soup?



6. Mold.

Is what we see dangerous?
And is what we don't see
perhaps more dangerous than what we do see?  


Which Technology?

E. Which Technology Works the Best?

Are the technologies pretty much equal, or is their a large disparity among them?


Passive Technology

1. Passive Technology.

The pollution finds the solution.
(Or so we hope!)


Active Technology

2. Active Technology.

The solution finds the pollution -
even where it is hiding!



a. Stage One --
Dual Ionization (Particulate Removal)


Quad Oxidizing Plasma Generator
b. Stage Two -- Quad Oxidizing Plasmas


Radical Hydroxyls

c. Stage Three -- Advanced Oxidation


RCI Technology
d. Combo Effect -- The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts.


Apples and Oranges

3. Major Differences.

Things that are not the same
are not equal.


Out of this world

a. Literally out of this world.

The technology which produces
"the purest air on the planet"
actually comes from
out of this world.


Overall air purity

b. Overall Air Purity.

By what standard do you certify the actual purity of air?


Lab tech

c. Too Clean to Test for Purity?

"Without dirt in the air,
we cannot tell you
how pure the air is."
Does that strike anybody as odd?


Where's the dirt?
d. Where's the Dirt?

(Where is Clara Peller
when you need her?)


What to do?

e. What to do? 

Anybody can see that it’s clean except the career bureaucrats.


Where are the germs?

f. Where are the Germs?

Hint: One place they are not is
"Blowin' in the Wind".


Who gets to clean the conventional filter?

g. Filtration rates vs. Kill rates.

In the war against pathogens,
would you like your germs
captured and contained
or killed "graveyard dead"?


Odor abatement/removal

h. Odor Abatement/Removal.

The same thing that RCITM
does to particulates and germs it does also to smoke, dust, and sources of odors.


What must be considered?

F. What IAQ issues must be considered and addressed?

Head to head comparison of the technologies - very revealing.


Medical considerations

G. Are there medical considerations?

Obligatory disclaimers and the practical realities of what happens when a sick body can actually catch its breath.


Legal considerations

H. Are there legal and other considerations?

What happens if we just ignore the problem or fail to investigate it fully?


When is timing an issue?

I. When is Timing an Issue?

If the mold or other air quality problem doesn't seem to be spreading or getting any worse, so we really have to pay it any attention?